Why Is Your Air Conditioner Constantly Running?

An AC is made to provide comfort, but when AC runs constantly, it works exactly the opposite. A constantly running AC will take away all the comfort, and all you get will be expensive electricity bills and irritation.

As every problem in this world has a solution, so does an air conditioner. Faith mechanical LLC is an Elite AC company in Lawrenceville, GA. Our company will familiarize you with the problem of AC running constantly and ways to troubleshoot this problem.

Symptoms of a Constantly Running AC

  • Low or weak airflow
  • Insufficient cooling
  • AC releasing warm air
  • Gurgling noises
  • Unsuitable temperature
  • Dry air or too humid temperature

Five Reasons Why Your AC is Constantly Running

1. Hindrance near AC air vents

One of the most common reasons for AC constantly running is there may be some obstacle near your air vent. Check the location of your AC and keep it obstruction-free. If there is any hindrance, the AC will take more time to provide proper cooling. For this reason, it will constantly run.

2. Dirt Accumulation

When the filters, condenser, and drain pipes get too dirty, it reduces the speed of AC. A slowly working air conditioner will constantly run to meet your needs. In this way, dirt accumulation on AC parts leads to the constantly running AC problem.

3. Insufficient Refrigerant

When there is any leakage in your AC, the biggest problem it will cause is a lack in the amount of refrigerant. Due to this, your AC will be unable to provide you with cool air. Insufficient refrigerant will degrade the performance of AC, causing it to run constantly.

4. Wrong Unit Size

If your AC is too small to cool the room efficiently, it will take too much time to meet the cooling demands. Hence, your AC will run constantly.

5. Old and Outdated Model

When your AC is older than ten years, its efficiency decreases with time. Less efficiency leads to the problem of AC running constantly.

Ways to Eradicate These Problems

  • Cleaning the AC filter and drain lines are one of the most important steps of AC maintenance and the responsibility of an HVAC owner. Keep every part of your AC unit clean. Replace the air filter as suggested by the expert.
  • Routine servicing is a wise decision. Get your AC serviced every year to maintain its performance.
  • If you hear any weird sounds or experience increasing electricity bills, consult a professional
  • If your AC is of the wrong size or too old, get it replaced soon to avoid the problem of constantly running AC.
  • Poor wiring or circuit breaker issues can also lead to this problem. Get the wiring checked by an electrician.

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