What Happens During HVAC Maintenance?

We live our lives comfortably, be it the bone-chilling weather of the winters or the scorching heat of the summers. It is our HVAC appliances that make that possible for us. That is the reason why HVAC owners should never compromise when it comes to HVAC maintenance.

Now, to ensure that you receive the best HVAC maintenance, you need to have a basic understanding of what comprises HVAC maintenance. You might also want to dive a bit deeper into the same, and if that is the case, HVAC contractors Lawrenceville, GA, can help you!

But, for now, let us explore the basics of HVAC maintenance, as follows:

  • Diagnosis for Wear and Tear

One of the first things that an HVAC service provider will inspect is the condition of the HVAC components. The process includes making a check on air filters, motors, and the like. Are you wondering why running diagnosis on the components is a must? It is so because any damaged segment will reduce the efficiency of the appliance over time.

  • Replacement of Damaged Components

While working on the maintenance of your HVAC equipment, the responsibility of a Lawrenceville, GA, HVAC contractor does not end with only looking for any signs of damage. In addition to checking the components of your HVAC equipment, the contractor will also ensure that they replace any damaged elements with new ones. Thus, they pave the way for you to have a smooth and fulfilling HVAC experience.

  • Cleaning

The next step that any Lawrenceville, GA, HVAC contractor will take is cleaning the HVAC components. Cleaning is a critical preventative measure that provides the HVAC appliances with a chance to function without letting up! By cleaning the elements of your HVAC equipment, they ensure that those elements are in the fittest conditions.

  • Power Consumption Tests

Another one of the verticals of HVAC maintenance includes conducting power consumption tests. Simply put, those are tests to gain an understanding of the electricity consumption of your HVAC equipment. If your electricity consumption happens to be higher than the regular value, there is something wrong with the equipment. The service provider will then look for the problem and resolve the issue.

  • Thermostat Cleaning and Calibration

Thermostat cleaning and calibration happens to be another item on the HVAC maintenance checklist of HVAC contractors, Lawrenceville, GA. Why would this item be on the maintenance checklist? A thermostat with inappropriate calibration might put an excessive load on your HVAC equipment. In addition to that, cleaning the thermostat is also important because that helps it function without any glitch.

  • Leakage Checks

Checking your HVAC appliances for any probable leakages is also an integral part of HVAC maintenance. Why so? If there are leakages in your HVAC equipment, it means that the refrigerant (the cooling agent) could be leaking. That leads to insufficient cooling, and in the long run, it might cause total malfunction. The leakage screening process includes examining all the pipes leading in and out of the HVAC equipment for leakages and fixing them.

We hope that the information provided above would be beneficial for you. If you have any other concerns regarding HVAC maintenance, you can always get in touch with us at (678) 889 2333. It would be a pleasure for Faith Mechanical LLC to help!