Signs That Your Heating System Needs Repair Or Replacement

Our heating systems cannot communicate in any language, making it difficult for furnace owners to know their technical problems. However, our heating systems give off various signs that indicate you need to contact one of the leading HVAC contractors in Lawrenceville, GA, for assistance.

Ignoring these signs can lead to major problems in the future. If you feel that these problems will go away after a few days or weeks, you may be wrong. You can try troubleshooting tips to fix these problems, but if they remain, you should call for professional help.

  • Unwanted Odors

There is absolutely no reason for your heating system to give off odors while it works. An efficient heating system does not emit odors like burning or rotting. If you switch on your furnace after many months, it may give off a dust-burning smell as the dust on the surface is burning due to the high temperature. But there should not be any scent other than that.

A burning odor from the heating system indicates some wiring issue inside the system, and a rotting odor suggests that there may be some bacterial growth in the vents or ducts. The first thing you can try is to clean your air filters to avoid the chances of dust burning. If the problem remains, contact your technician.

  • Unwanted Noises

Similar to odors, no heating system creates noises to disturb the family members. If your system makes a loud banging noise when it starts functioning, it is rather obvious that there is something wrong with your system.

Unwanted noises may be due to a loosened part in the system, or it may indicate a larger and more serious problem. Since these noises are internal, you cannot try many troubleshooting tips except the cleaning of your ducts and vents.

  • Hot and Cold Pockets

A heating system that does not warm the place efficiently is of no use to you. Your heating system should be efficient enough to maintain the temperature of the whole house for as many hours as you want.

If you notice a significant difference in the temperature of two rooms in your home, it means that your heating system needs some attention. Clean your vents to remove any debris that may block the warm air from entering the cold rooms. If the problem remains, you may have to seek professional assistance.

  • Increased Energy Bills

An efficient heating system does not take more hours than usual to warm your home. However, if the system is not efficient, it will work for more hours, leading to increased energy bills each month.

Higher energy bills can be due to many reasons, like the addition of a new electrical appliance, but if there are no apparent causes for this, your heating system may be the real culprit. You can ask your technician for a service job for your heating system to regain its efficiency. If you let your system work in this condition, it may lead to a permanent breakdown.

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