Reasons An AC Leaks Water

One must ensure that an air conditioning system is well serviced before turning it back on in the spring. Potential leaks could signal a problem with your HVAC system and result in expensive water damage to your home.

Reason Your AC Leaks Water

  • Condensate Drain Line Obstruction and Condensation Accumulation:

Over time, the condensate drain line may clog. Water will eventually accumulate in your unit, overflowing the drain pan inside your home. Modern ACs have a cutoff switch that turns the unit off if it notices a clogged line.

Condensation is a typical byproduct of the dehumidifying action of your air conditioner. But an excessive condensation buildup can cause an air conditioner to leak water from air ducts or vents. Insulation in your home may get wet and become damaged. Additionally, it may worsen indoor air quality by encouraging mold growth in air ducts.

  • Drain Line Disconnect:

Your AC will leak water if your drain line is improperly attached and disconnected. The drain line may become loose over time or disconnect due to poor installation or repair. If a drain line becomes disconnected, water may accumulate on the floor or leak through the ceiling.

  • Condensate Pump or Float Switch Failure:

It can be challenging for water to exit your drain line if your central HVAC unit is situated in a location like a basement or a remote attic. Here, the condensate pump is vital to clear the system of water. It won’t pump water outside the unit if the float switch or condensate pump are damaged. As a result, your air conditioner will begin to leak water as it builds up.

  • Faulty AC Installation:

You might wonder why your new AC leaks water inside your house if it was just installed. The problem might result from improper installation or an imbalance in the drain pipes. A window unit that is installed flat will begin to leak water inside, making a big mess.

  • Damaged Drain Pan or Frozen Evaporator Coils:

Your air conditioner will start to rust at about 15-20. To catch condensation as it drips, a drain pan is positioned beneath or inside the air handler of your air conditioner. The drain pan may erode over time due to damage or rust, which will cause your AC to leak water. Your indoor unit’s evaporator coils can freeze due to a refrigerant leak or obstruct airflow. This may accumulate moisture, overflowing the drain pan and letting water leak.

Evaporator coils can freeze due to clogged air filters, resulting in water leaks from your air conditioner. Clean air can enter your home thanks to air filters, which capture air pollutants. The filters may become clogged due to these particles and dust accumulation. Your indoor air quality will suffer from their obstruction, and your AC may also be harmed. First, turn off your AC at the breaker if it is dripping water to stop further damage.


The sooner you can turn off the unit, you decrease the risk of significant water damage and potential mold. In the long run, this could worsen the air quality in your area. To stop further harm to the appliance or your house, turn it off at the breaker, and then call Faith Mechanical, LLC. Call us at 678-889-2333 to set up an appointment for leaky AC or Air Conditioning Service Lawrenceville