Is It Important For A Pilot Light To Always Be ‘ON’ in A Gas Furnace?

As the weather heats up it’s best that you put your gas furnace and or gas fireplace at rest for the time being. Especially in the fall or summer when you don’t have a need for it. So, it’s a good idea to turn off your gas furnace’s pilot light.

Switching off the pilot lights of your furnace or gas fireplace when not in use can save both money and energy. The pilot light consumes gas, charging you dollars, and maybe affecting the environment.

If you flip your pilot light off, your AC will have a much easier time reversing the heating repercussions of the pilot light.

Winter is coming and you’ll need your furnace and heaters to operate at full potential so if you’re facing any issues with your furnace and other HVAC issues, call the HVAC contractor in Lawrenceville, GA, or for any replacement, issues schedule furnace replacement in Lawrenceville, GA.

How To Turn Off Your Pilot Light?

Gas appliances fit pilot lights that stay on at all times to torch any surplus natural gas that enters the system. Shutting down the pilot light is a walk in the park, the process is similar to cutting down the gas supply to an appliance. Here’s how you can turn your pilot lights –

  1. Turn down the heat to its lowest or turn it ‘OFF’ entirely. Flip the ‘OFF’ switch on your thermostat controller if it has one or adjusts the thermostat to the lowest setting. As a byproduct, the furnace won’t power up while you’re attempting to switch it off.
  2. Assess your furnace and look for a tiny black or green dial with ‘Pilot’, ‘ON’, and, ‘OFF’, labeled on the side. If you are still unable to track down the dial from the outside, look for it behind the electrical panel sited towards the base of your furnace.

If it’s still difficult for you to locate the dial, in that case, you might need to cut off the fuel at the intake pipe.

  • If you still can’t find the valve or dial that regulates your furnace, take a gander at the furnace’s user handbook to see if you can spot it. In case you don’t have an owner’s handbook, then you might need to call in a technician. Call the HVAC contractor in Lawrenceville, GA for all your HVAC issues.
  • It’s feasible that your furnace fits different varieties of shut-off valves.

3. If your gas intake is operated by a straight lever, move the lever away from the direction of the intake pipe. To switch off the fuel supply, turn the round knob counterclockwise as far as you can. Once the gas in your furnace’s pilot light has been consumed, the pilot light will go out.

  • If you’re worried about someone accidentally turning the power back on, wrap the lever or knob with tape, eschewing the gas leaks at the same time.


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