How Can Running Out Of Propane Damage The Furnace?

As soon as we get the hint that winters are approaching, we should try to get our winter-fighting gear into action. The most important is having a source of warmth in the bone-chilling season. That is where we have furnaces to fend off the unbearable cold of the winters.

Now, several kinds of furnaces are available in the market. One of the most trending furnaces presently is the one that employs propane gas. Propane furnaces are so popular nowadays because they prove a cleaner and affordable heat source compared to other options, such as electric and oil-employing furnaces.

Yet, as they say, all things, however beneficial, would always have a few drawbacks. That is true in the case of propane furnaces also. The disadvantage is that one must ensure that their furnaces do not entirely run out of propane.

If, however, your furnace does run out of propane, you should seek the help of a professional HVAC service provider without any delay. Looking for a furnace tune-up, Lawrenceville, GA? Do reach out to us.

Why Should You Worry About Your Furnace Entirely Running Out Of Propane?

One might think that keeping a check on the propane levels in their furnace might be irrelevant. Yet, that is not how it is. One needs to refill their furnace propane tank before it finally runs out. If you are wondering about the problems associated with an empty propane tank, here are a few of those –

  • Rusting of the propane tank in the furnace

Rusting is one of the most common reasons for the degradation of a metallic structure. If the propane tank of your furnace happens to be empty, air and moisture can likely fill the vacant space. The air and moisture content present in the propane tank fulfills the necessary conditions for rusting.

If one neglects these factors, it can eventually make the tank unfit for use. In the long run, the furnace owner would have to spend money on repairs or, depending on the situation, on buying a new one.

  • Pilot lights may go off

You might have noticed a small light somewhere inside a panel on the furnace. That is known as the pilot light. Its function is to ignite the gas coming through the valve and into the main burner to produce warmth.

Pilot lights are essential to produce the required amount of heat to provide warmth to your home. Any fault with those can make the furnace non-functional. When your propane tank becomes empty, the pilot light goes out on its own, making your furnace unfit for winters.

  • The cost factor

Although not directly related to damage to your furnace, there is a prime reason to ensure that the propane tank of your furnace never goes dry.

That is the cost factor. To understand it, you should know about the government guidelines concerning an empty propane tank. As per the federal guidelines, all furnace owners must ensure that their furnaces undergo a thorough check by an expert if their propane tanks have run dry. It is a costly process, and there cannot be any leniency concerning these checks.

Therefore, the best way to stay away from all of these troubles is to ensure that your furnace propane tank never goes empty. If you are looking for heating repair, Lawrenceville, GA, contact us at (678)-889-2333.