Do You Really Need To Get Your Central Air Conditioner Serviced?

Air conditioning units are designed to work continuously for a long time. Frequent maintenance and air conditioning repair in Lawrenceville, GA, is meant to increase the performance and lifespan of these AC units.

Your air conditioner will last up to 15-20 years if you take good care of it. However, if you neglect the yearly AC maintenance, your cooling system will only last 10 years. One can follow other tips to make their AC work better.

Tips to Make Your Old Air Conditioner Work Better

  • Change the air filters

Most homeowners are aware that they must frequently change their air filters. However, many individuals aren’t aware of how important it is to increase productivity.

Your air quality will deteriorate, and your HVAC system’s performance will suffer if you don’t update your air filter every 90 days. On the other hand, those who have pets or allergies might need to change it more frequently.

  • Get a smart thermostat

Your monthly cooling costs can be significantly affected by even a slight decrease in the temperature in your home. Some thermostats have even been designed to monitor your family’s routines.

Installing a thermostat that changes when residents leave their homes or are asleep will improve process performance without requiring more work.

  • Turn up the thermostat’s temperature

The temperature can be decreased by 5-8 degrees, and you could save money and energy. When you leave the house for an extended amount of time or during certain times of the day, set the thermostat to change the temperature.

  • Remove any heat-generating equipment

Keep lamps and other heat-generating appliances away from your thermostat. Nearby heat-generating appliances will tell your thermostat that the air in your home needs to be cooled down more, making it run longer and exert more effort than necessary.

  • You should seal small openings

Small openings in your home could allow the heat and air from your HVAC system to escape. The unit must therefore exert more effort to reach the desired temperature. Your doors and windows could have minimal gaps.

  • Performing regular maintenance

It is simple to put off scheduling regular air conditioning service in Lawrenceville, but maintenance can increase the lifespan of your current unit, saving you money on both monthly energy costs and repair fees.

  • Drain pipe cleaning

According to experts for air conditioning services in Lawrenceville, make sure your drain line is free of obstructions. If your drain line becomes clogged, maintaining it will help stop flooding in your basement.

  • Use curtains

Close the drapes and shutters during the day to keep the heat out. Closing your curtains or blinds will assist block some of the heat from entering your home when the sun is shining.

  • Do not use a dryer during the day

Do not use the heating units during the hottest part of the day. Warm air is introduced into your home when you use the dryer and cooking range, making your air conditioner work harder.

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