7 Expert Solutions for a Furnace That Is Blowing Cold Air

What can be worse than cold air blowing out of your furnace on a freezing winter day? When your furnace isn’t working properly, you might experience chilly air or issues coming from the flame detector, gas supply, air filter, pilot light, or condensate lines. Most of these problems can be resolved by cleaning or replacing parts of the gas furnace on your own.

Find Out What To Do When Your Furnace Blows Cold Air

1. Filters clogged with debris

Dirty air filters are commonly indicated by prolonged heat cycles and overheating concerns. When your heater overheats, it pumps cool air throughout your home.
Replacing a disposable filter is a good idea.

However, cleaning a permanent filter is an alternative. To reestablish the circulation of warm air in your home, replace the dirty air filter with a clean one.

2. Blockage in the condensate line

Clogged condensate pipes might cause the burners to become inactive, resulting in cold air being vented into your home. There are times when condensed liquid clogs the condensate line, but not always. Have a heating and air conditioning professional clean the condensate pipe. Look for a specialist for furnace repair in Lawrenceville.

3. Inadequate gas supply

The gas furnace needs a sufficient amount of natural gas to function properly. A clogged pipe may be preventing gas from flowing. Therefore, you should seek out furnace repair in Lawrenceville from a specialist.

4. Controlling the thermostat

There’s a possibility that the battery has run out. Another reason could be that it isn’t compatible with your device, in which case, you might need a professional’s help to fix it. You can replace the battery or look for Lawrenceville furnace repair.

5. Pilot light

There are two possible causes for your pilot light going out. You must have just blown out the flame, or it was never lit properly from the beginning. It could be caused by a blockage from dirt and soot or a broken thermocouple. Even if you light it yourself, if it doesn’t work, you should consider getting a furnace replacement in Lawrenceville, GA.

6. Defects in the ductwork

The furnace may vent cold air because of gaps and breaches in the home’s ductwork. Your furnace’s ductwork may be infiltrated with cold air from the attic through the small to large gaps. Warm air may be blowing out of your furnace and may be functioning well, but when it reaches your vents, it may have leaked out. Check if the ducts are sealed properly.

7. Flame detector

Dust and grime covering the flame detector will cause you to lose all your heart, and the furnace will begin blowing cold air. Get the flame detector cleaned. The flame detector can be cleaned by a professional if you cannot do it yourself.

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