6 Concerning Furnace Warning Signs You Should Look Out For

Heating furnaces are an indispensable appliance on which the warmth and comfort of three-quarters of American households lie. Winter is right around the corner, making this the ideal time to ensure the efficiency of your furnace. Any underlying issue identified right now would leave you a comfortable time frame to be resolved before erupting as a troublesome problem at the season peak.

Timely furnace repair Lawrenceville ga can save your pocket from unwanted costly replacements and furnace installations, along with the surge in bills due to poor performance. So let’s explore six concerning furnace warning signs you should look out for to take a suitable timely action:

  • Uneven Air Distribution

Uneven heat distribution is a prime tip-off of furnace failures. If you notice temperature imbalances and fluctuations throughout the rooms in your home, it reflects the inability of your furnace to heat up enough. Ice dam formation is another way this issue can surface around furnace exhaust vents more prominent in aged units. Poor design and poorly installed air distribution systems are contributory factors for cold spots due to uneven air.

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

If your allergies get aggravated in winters, or your skin dries out, you feel stale or stuffy air. You might be in for a furnace replacement in Lawrenceville, Ga, due to poor indoor air quality from your furnace. This degraded air environment will lead to dust accumulation and other grave consequences.

  • Unexplained Sound

You might have to schedule a heating repair in Lawrenceville ga, if your furnace is releasing strange noises such as squeaking, banging, rattling, hissing, clicking, or popping. While some operational sound is inevitable and normal, unusually disturbing, annoying, and loud sounds should be a sign for professional attention.

In case of loose mechanical elements, the heater might roll, rattle and shake. Or, when your furnace is huffing, puffing, or banging, it is likely to be from delayed ignition. But instead of playing a guessing game, have an expert diagnose the issue.

  • Water Pooling Around The Furnace

While a furnace water leak might not be as fatal as a gas leak, it is a consequential failure sign calling for a reliable furnace repair in Lawrenceville, Ga. The usual cause is clogged condensation tube or line breakage leading to condensation leak or, it may be due to the humidifier if you have one.

Yellow light.

If the burner flame on your gas flame system is yellow instead of blue, it means the gas cannot mix with air completely. Moreover, the yellow flame can also mean unusual carbon monoxide production, making it a decisive reason for furnace replacement Lawrenceville ga.

  • Unpleasant or Dusty Smell

A rotten smell from your furnace results from a natural gas leak, in which case you should immediately turn OFF the system and call for heating repair in Lawrenceville, Ga. Look out for moldy and musty odors that point to mold infestations that are harmful to breathe in.

What should you do if you come across any one of the tip-offs mentioned above in your furnace? Contact Faith Mechanical services for a thorough inspection. Their team of trained technicians will accurately diagnose and resolve any underlying faults immaculately.